Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation Service in Paramount, CA

Are you experiencing problems with your garbage disposal? When your disposal stops working properly, we know that you need repair services that are immediate and the highest quality available. As tough as your garbage disposal may appear to be, the truth is that it can be a finicky machine that requires a gentle touch and regular maintenance. Calling for plumbing service to have your system checked throughout the year will safeguard your appliance and give you peace of mind that everything is working as it should.

Tips for Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

Most major repairs result from little problems that are ignored or go unnoticed. Routine maintenance checks can spot these problems and take care of them in the early stages. Homeowners who know how to adequately maintain and operate their disposal will experience fewer problems and get longer, uninterrupted use out of the appliance. Here are some ways to keep your disposal working longer:

  • Make sure all food waste is rinsed from the disposal to prevent the blades from jamming.
  • Use cold water to solidify, and subsequently, harden any grease that accidentally made its way into the disposal.
  • Run your disposal at least once a day to keep the blades from rusting. If you do not have food waste to grind up, turn on the disposal and run cold water into it between 10 and 15 seconds.
  • If you need repair work done, always call for professional repairs. Do not attempt to make major garbage disposal repairs on your own.

When to Call for Garbage Disposal Repair

When pushing the reset button won’t turn the machine back on, or removing food particles doesn’t get the flywheel moving again, you need to call for expert plumbing service. The plumbing pros at My Paramount Plumber Hero understand our customers’ needs for precise, quality plumbing service for all plumbing repairs, including garbage disposal repair and replacement. We stand behind every repair that is made and promise to examine the problem from every angle to make sure we provide the best repair service possible.

We offer a variety of repair options from drain cleaning for backed up kitchen sinks, replacement of leaky hoses, and even new garbage disposal installation and replacement services. Nothing can beat the value in high quality, qualified plumbing services performed by industry experts that have years of hands-on experience. So, whether you need garbage disposal repair, have questions about using your disposal, or want advice on purchasing a new model, call the repair experts in Paramount, CA, that your friends and neighbors trust most!