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Are worried that you may have a plumbing leak hidden beneath your home’s foundation? Are you concerned that you may new sewer line repair? A home is susceptible to any number of plumbing problems, including slab leaks, water heater leaks, and sewer line problems. At My Paramount Plumber Hero, we have the tools, the expert technicians, and the experience to find these leaks and remedy the problem right away.

Available around the clock, you can call us whenever the need arises. We know that getting to the root of a plumbing leak sooner rather than later can mean the difference between a small repair bill and exorbitant cost. We prefer to keep costs low for our customers, which is why we respond to your calls for help day and night.

Slab Leak Detection 101

Think you have a slab leak? Well, there are a few signs that homeowners can stay alert for to catch these leaks before they turn into major disasters. Here are few clues to keep an eye out for:

  • Soggy patches of carpet or flooring
  • Cracked walls, flooring, or baseboards
  • Excessive water bills
  • Water pooling around the exterior of your home
  • Mildew or mold formation
  • Inconsistent water pressure

If you are dealing with any of these problems and cannot figure out where the water may be coming from, then you probably have a below ground slab leak that needs to be repaired right away.

Electronic Leak Detection Makes Repairs Easy

Our certified contractors only use electronic leak detection to find slab leaks. This equipment listens for audible clues and tests for hot spots. It negates the need to rip up or jackhammer your concrete slab. We prefer less invasive methods. This manner of finding leaks also keeps costs low for our customers.

Preventing Future Leaks

Can slab leaks be prevented? This is a question we hear quite a lot. Yes. Homeowners can take measures to prevent most below ground leaks from happening. For starters, if you have new plumbing installed always call a qualified plumber to complete the installation. Also, maintain your plumbing by keeping your drains clean and pay attention to your water pressure.

The next time you need leak detection services in Paramount, California give the experts a call at My Paramount Plumber Hero.